Xamtac vs. Funnel

Which marketing automation platform should marketing agencies choose? What makes Xamtac a better choice?

What is Xamtac ?

Why do marketing agencies use Xamtac or Funnel?

Marketing agencies uses Xamtac for personalized AI, efficient asset creation, and streamlined marketing, while they use Funnel for data integration, analytics, and automated marketing processes.

✔️Both are useful for:

Personalized AI

Efficient asset creation

Streamlined marketing campaigns

Data integration and analytics

Automated marketing processes

What marketing agenices must consider when comparing

Funnel vs. Xamtac



Tailored AI for brand styles


Limited personalization

Asset Generation

Efficient, organized creation

Focus on data integration

Marketing Campaigns

Streamlined process

Data-centric approach

Data Integration

Limited focus on marketing

Comprehensive data merging


Swift marketing analytics

Comprehensive data analytics




Custom Requests

Available for expert help


✔️ Conclusion

Xamtac excels in personalized AI, efficient asset generation, and streamlined marketing, while Funnel focuses more on comprehensive data integration and analytics.

What makes Xamtac
a better choice than Funnel
for marketing agencies?

  1. Xamtac provides tailored AI for personalized marketing, ensuring consistency, and relevance in campaigns.

✅ Unlike Funnel, Xamtac understands the nuances of a brand, resulting in better campaign performance and stronger brand representation.

Why is this important for marketing agencies?

because it ensures high alignment with clients' brand identities for better results.

2. Xamtac offers efficient and organized asset creation for marketing campaigns.

✅ Unlike Funnel, Xamtac streamlines marketing efforts, enabling marketing agencies to create and generate assets rapidly and effectively.

Why is this important for marketing agencies?

to maintain an agile and competitive edge in the digital marketing landscape.

3. Xamtac delivers streamlined marketing campaigns and swift marketing analytics.

✅ Unlike Funnel, Xamtac simplifies planning and launching campaigns across all channels and provides real-time metric monitoring.

Why is this important for marketing agencies?

to continually refine strategies and achieve maximum engagement and results for their clients.

How marketing agencies use

Personalized Campaign Creation

👉 With Xamtac, marketing agencies can use the tailored AI to create highly customized and effective campaigns that resonate with their clients' target audiences.

Streamlined Marketing Efforts

👉 Using Xamtac, agencies can efficiently generate and organize various marketing assets, enabling them to run campaigns across multiple channels while maintaining consistency and relevance.

Data-Driven Insights

👉 Xamtac allows marketing agencies to merge and analyze data, providing valuable insights that guide the creation of targeted, impactful marketing strategies for their clients.

Expert Help Requests

👉 By utilizing Xamtac, agencies can submit requests to access a team of skilled experts for additional design, marketing, or development help, ensuring their projects are completed with high-quality and precision.

Put simply,
more marketing agencies are choosing Xamtac for

Personalized AI

Streamlined campaigns
Efficient asset creation

Give it a try.