Xamtac vs. Supermetrics

Which Personalized Marketing AI should marketing agencies choose? What makes Xamtac a better choice?

What is Xamtac ?

Why do marketing agencies use Xamtac or Supermetrics?

Marketing agencies use Xamtact to build a personalized AI tailored to their brand, streamline campaigns, organize assets, create and launch marketing plans, and get expert help when needed. Supermetrics is utilized by marketing agencies to connect, transform, analyze, and make predictions from their data, and for data visualization, data warehousing, and full-funnel measurement.

✔️Both are useful for:

Campaign streamlining

Asset organization

Marketing plan creation

Data integration

What marketing agenices must consider when comparing

Xamtac vs. Supermetrics

Marketing Planning


Simplifies marketing planning across all channels including ad campaigns, emails, and organic content


No features specialized in marketing planning

Asset Organization

Centralized hub for streamlining marketing needs

Integration with various data visualization platforms

Data Integration

Merge insights across platforms and create a sophisticated dashboard

Connects, transforms, and analyzes data from multiple sources


Email & SMS campaign automation

No features specialized in campaign automation

Expert Help

Takes requests for design, marketing, or development help

No expert support available

✔️ Conclusion

Xamtact provides a personalized AI tailored to the brand and offers automation tools, while Supermetrics focuses on data integration and provides various solutions for data visualization.

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What makes Xamtac
a better choice than Supermetrics
for marketing agencies?

  1. Xamtac provides highly personalized assets for all channels.

✅ Unlike Supermetrics, Xamtac offers an all-in-one solution for asset generation and seamless planning, ensuring tailored marketing campaigns.

Why is this important for marketing agencies?

because it streamlines efforts, enhances personalization, and boosts campaign effectiveness.

2. Xamtac allows unlimited requests for marketing needs.

✅ Unlike Supermetrics, Xamtac offers a broad scope for requesting expert help across various marketing tasks and projects.

Why is this important for marketing agencies?

because it provides on-demand professional support without exhausting the company's bandwidth.

3. Xamtac offers continuous learning and improvement through AI.

✅ Unlike Funnel, Xamtac's AI continuously evolves with the brand's voice, providing deep insights and personalized assets.

Why is this important for marketing agencies?

because it ensures campaigns resonate with the audience and stay ahead of the competition.

How marketing agencies use Xamtac

Creating Personalized Marketing Assets

👉 Generate tailored assets for various marketing channels, ensuring consistency, relevance, and high engagement with the target audience.

Streamlining Campaign Planning

👉 Plan and execute data-driven marketing campaigns across multiple channels, leveraging insights from past campaigns and competitor analysis for optimal results.

Data Integration and Analysis

👉 Consolidate data sources and metrics into a sophisticated dashboard, enabling advanced AI to guide strategic marketing moves based on actionable insights.

Requesting Expert Help

👉 Submit unlimited requests for marketing, design, and development help, from ad campaigns to landing pages, to achieve professional support without exhausting company bandwidth.

Put simply,
marketing agencies are
choosing Xamtac for

Enhanced Personalization

Streamlined campaigns
Expert Support

Give it a try.